Welcome to Clamor 2013

CLAMOR is the University of Washington Bothell’s annual Literary and Arts Journal, representing the best creative practices in literary, visual and media formats from across our campus and the surrounding community.

Our goal is to support and promote captivating, inspiring, and lively art in the forms of visual, literary and media work. We provide artists and authors with publication opportunities through our print edition, our DVD,  and our website. We foster community by reaching beyond the UW Bothell campus borders for creative works and by offering audiences  quality reading, viewing and listening experiences. We will be hosting our first ever art exhibition in the month of June, where featured artists of the 2013 CLAMOR journal will have the opportunity to have their work displayed in an art gallery in Downtown Seattle.

Navigating the website is easy. For example, if you would like  to view the entire image collection on one page choose the Images “View All” tab. If you prefer to look at one entry at a time choose the Images “Contents” in the dropdown box to find links to single pages.

Thanks for visiting the Clamor 2013 website.

Find us on Facebook. Facebook.com/uwbclamor

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