From the Editors

Dear Reader,

This is the second year that we are pleased to offer Clamor’s print and online edition, supplemented with a DVD, which includes video and audio works of art. This DVD provides us with an opportunity to meet the demands of the ever-evolving nature of artistic output on our campus and in the creative communities beyond our borders.

Clamor is an important professional grade platform on this campus for students to showcase their art.  This is the first year we are extending the opportunity for students to present their work in two separate exhibits. The first exhibit will be held during our collaborative launch party with Yours Truly, Cascadia Community College’s Literary and Arts Journal, in Mobius Hall. The second exhibit will be held in an exclusive art show in downtown Seattle in the Shift Collaborative Studio.

None of this would be possible without the support of the Services and Activities Fee Committee, the Office of Student Life, the Digital Media Lab, the Writing and Communication Center, and our inspirational and supportive faculty advisor, Ted Hiebert, to whom we all owe our gratitude.

On behalf of the entire Editorial Board, we give our thanks to everyone who contributed to the creation of Clamor 2013, and to you, our audience.


Please Enjoy –

The Clamor 2013 Editorial Board


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