Breanne Anderson is a student at UW Bothell majoring in Community Psychology. This is the first time Breanne submitted her work to Clamor.

Kylani Arrington is the owner, founder, and artist for Arrington Fine Art which creates beautiful and unique art and photography. Kylani has been working as a professional photographer since 2008 and has been creating colorful, thought-provoking art for even longer. She feels that art is not only a personal form of expression but a way to meditate and heal. Her art can be found at:

Alexandra Bell writes,”Life is made of pieces and those pieces are made of pieces made of pieces. All we can do is put them together.”

John Boucher holds an AAS in Film and Video Communications from Seattle Central Community College, and a Bachelor of Arts in Creative Writing / Film Theory and Production from The Evergreen State College. He is co-founder of the Seattle-based writing collective Les Sardines and their literary magazine Les Sar’zine. He edited the feature film Heart Breaks Open, which premiered in London and played festivals worldwide. He is currently earning his MFA in Creative Writing and Poetics from the University of Washington Bothell.

Mycole Brown is a 19 year old sophomore pursuing a degree in Biology. Mycole occasionally writes poetry and is pursuing a career in Biochemical Research. As classes get more strenuous his spare time dwindles, yet Mycole plans on submitting more poetry next year.

Denise Calvetti Michaels teaches Psychology at Cascadia Community College and writes poetry and memoir. Her prose poem in Clamor is part of a new poetry collection, January Rivers, forthcoming 2014.  To learn more about Rustling Wrens, published by Cave Moon Press, Fall 2012, please visit her blog: 

Margaret Chiavetta is a graduate student in the new MFA in Creative Writing and Poetics program at UW Bothell. Her background is in anthropology and she spent several years working with nonhuman primates. She writes personal narrative essays and scifi/fantasy fiction.

Aquila D Choi founded EAGLES and ALIENS in Fall 2011. This band is an intricate collaboration of raw talent, classical training, and innate creativity. While EAGLES and ALIENS have only been on the scene for a short time, this up and coming group maintains a steady following of devout listeners and fans. The members of this musical venture, Eryk Ashlie, Aquila Choi, Rick DeCoy, and Sean Alexander, together have decades of experience in bands such as Soma One, Project Omega, Mugen, Ring Hill, and Judas and the Tattletales. The members’ range of background and knowledge are apparent in their unique and captivating sound that will transcend your mind’s eye through an ultra-sensory experience.

Gabrielle Christ is 18 years old and writes, “I am a Running Start student attending Cascadia Community College. I have loved writing and reading poetry from the time its concept was introduced to me. I find that it creates an inner clarity and tranquility, and awakens my mind when I lack motivation. My poem, ‘The Waiting Game,’ was based on the experience of countless mornings spent working in a cafe as a barista.”

Katharine Denise Clark’s nickname is Kate and just finished her second quarter at UW Bothell.  She transferred from Cascadia Community College where she earned an AIS degree. She is a CP & IA major and wants to eventually obtain a Master’s Degree in Art Therapy. Katharine possesses a burning desire to creatively help people heal by showing them how to express their pain through art. She believes that by utilizing many different mediums; from poetry, creative writing to drawing, painting, sculpture to video art, one can heal one’s soul.

Logan Compau writes, “I am no poet, but I enjoy creating new ways to say things that I care about and that I think someone would appreciate reading at some point in their life. My writing is experimentation on how I want to be heard and I know I’ll never stop creating for as long as I breathe. I also have a camera, so we’ll see how that goes.”

Scott Cooper is currently working on his Bachelor of Arts Degree in Culture, Literature, and the Arts at the UW, Bothell.  After graduation, he hopes to awake each morning with slightly more confidence and, if not, at least a mild sense of achievement that may or may not last through breakfast.

Casey Corcoran is a Senior majoring in Culture, Literature and the Arts and Community Psychology and eventually plan on attaining a master’s degree from UW in comparative literature. All of his writing is for my mom. He would also like to thank Kyle Smith and Evan Reyes for all of the updog. Please follow @evnrys on twitter dot com.

Dana Doran is a junior in the IAS program at UW Bothell and has exhibited her paintings in the annual San Francisco Arts Festival and various other exhibits across the U.S. Dana lives and works in Woodinville.

Kelle Grace Gaddis is currently in the MFA in Creative Writing and Poetics at UW Bothell.

Harmony Gonty is a 2012 UW Bothell alumna who graduated with an IAS degree with an emphasis in Media and Communication Studies. She is a video artist, photographer, graphic designer and lover of cats, pink glitter, and a general pop culture enthusiast. Since graduating from UW Bothell she has continued her love of all things media and if you listen closely enough you might just hear her on the Seattle radio dial.

Kathryn Gail Graham is a junior at the UW Bothell. She loves doing artwork that combines all sorts of media types.

Jasleena Grewal is inspired by nature and traveling. She is especially keen on observing the intimacy between natural and urban environments.

Shawn Haning is a 36 year old hobby artist currently based in Sacramento, CA. Shawn has been inspired by the vector illustration style used by Richard Linklater in his movies, “A Scanner Darkly” and “Waking Life.” Shawn tries to accentuate the style of a portrait by straddling the line between cartoon and photograph, and very painstakingly drawing over each element in Illustrator.

Iryna Himbitskaya moved to the U.S. eight years ago from Belarus. When she was coming here at the age of 19, she did not have the slightest idea of how her life was going to unfold. But, she knew that if she did not take a risk of following her heart, Iryna could never live — only survive. Growing up in a post-Soviet Union country, she felt trapped and oppressed and saw no perspectives for a future career or education. Iryna was “hungry” for recognition of who she was and freedom for what she wanted to be. Iryna’s educational experience at UW Bothell has been the most powerful and encouraging. It helped her discover her potential to find a place in this world that she was looking for.

Heather Hislop is a senior at the UW Bothell, graduating in June with a Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration with dual concentrations in Marketing and Management. Heather enrolled in the BISIA 450 photography class as an elective and absolutely loved it! This is Heather’s first published work and she is so excited to have it featured in this edition of Clamor. Heather would like to especially thank her brother Andrew Hislop and friend Daniel O’regan for partaking in her piece, “Changing Perceptions.”

Kelly Howen assisted in the choreography and creative process for the “The Do Too Insistent” performance by Jessica Landry, Kenzie Medina and Molly Mulholland

Chelsea Ingham is a recent graduate from the UW Bothell. She enjoys writing on her own time and coming up with stories that you can dream of. She hopes to one day work at a publishing company to continue her dream of becoming an editor.

Suman Jampala is a junior at the UW Bothell and enjoys writing poetry whenever inspiration strikes him. He hopes to publish his first collection of poetry by the end of Spring 2013 under a pseudonym. His passions range from reading all kinds of books to collecting all kinds of knowledge.

Qin Jason Jin is a senior who studies Business at UW Bothell. Jason is from Shanghai, China. This is his fourth year here in the U.S. and loves it. He loves the people here, the city of Seattle and Bellevue (where he lives), and most importantly the lovely school, UW Bothell. As personal hobbies, he likes photography (for around three years now), studying and reading books about economy, watching movies, listening to music, and going to work out with my friends. Jason’s biggest dream is to see everyone in the world being happy every day.

Kalpita Joshi is a senior majoring in Global Studies. She enjoys taking pictures so that people may see the world from her perspective. She recently started dabbling in poetry and prose. She plans to become a writer someday.

Payam Khastkhodaei writes, “Ever since I was little I have always loved music, especially the piano. At the age of three, my mother began teaching me piano. I wrote my first song at the age of nine for the birth of my little sister. Since then, I have always been writing music with one goal and dream in mind: that one day, I will be able to touch the hearts of others. Music is my language; a language that is understood by all.”

Natasha Kumar is a student at UW Bothell, majoring in Media & Communications. Natasha writes, “All my life, I have always had an interest in art and before freshman year of high school, I decided I was going to teach myself how to draw. With a number two pencil, a lot of your average printer paper and sleepless nights, I made sure I could do something that a lot of people never tried to do. Since then, I never had a lesson in my life and I have taught myself everything I know that includes drawing and painting as well as other forms of artistic expression.”

Mathew Lam is a recent graduate from UW Bothell earning a Bachelor of Science in Biology. He found an opportunity to slip into an “Intro to Photography” course as one of the last courses at the University. There, he learned the basics to Photoshop, image-capturing, basic photography styles, and general lighting skills. Now, he finds making images to be a beautiful process.

Jessica Landry began dance at age two in Bellevue, WA. She moved to Wendy’s School of Dance at age four and found a passion for ballet. Over the years she has done musical theater, jazz, modern, and lyrical along with perfecting her ballet studies. Jessica also studied ballet at Bellevue College. Jessica began to teach ballet at Washington School of Dance (formally Wendy’s school of dance) in September 2012. She continues to perform with Washington School of Dance and does occasional projects at the UW Bothell.

Aida Lasher writes, “I am a senior majoring in Culture, Literature, and the Arts. Since my first digital camera at 15 years old I haven’t stopped taking pictures. After graduating to a DSLR camera at 19 years old I’ve become a bit more sophisticated with picture shots. My goal with photography is to find the best angle necessary for each shot; even if that means crawling on the ground like a worm. It’s all for the sake of art.”

Kristy Leissle is Lecturer in Global Studies and African Studies at the UW. Her research is on the chocolate trade and industry, with recent forays into the Polar Regions and the economics of ice.

Lauren Light draws inspiration from her childhood growing up in West Michigan to influence her work. She is pursuing a Masters of Fine Arts in Creative Writing and Poetics from the University of Washington Bothell. This is her first publication.

Kate MacBriar is a recent graduate in Culture, Literature, and The Arts at UW Bothell, Kate MacBriar is a conceptual artist who works with video, textiles, and in other mediums. Dissecting her observations of the world through the creative process, she looks for ways to express moments of personal truth.

Matheus Macedo Lima is 21 years old, a biology major, senior and. He has a love for music, animals, and nervous systems. Photography became his way of trying to register nature the way he sees it. Matheus’ passion came from being raised in a Brazilian tropical city and from the contact with science provided by his parents (both MDs) in a failed attempt to direct his interests to medicine. His parents got him to love much more than just one animal (humans), but (nearly) all of them. Because Matheus is so eager to learn, he decided to pursue a career in research, and his love for nature had to be focused in a field (because one simply cannot know everything!), which was neuroscience. Photography is a way for him to detoxify from lab coats and reagents by stepping out wherever nature sings, swims, flies, or crawls.

Kenzie Medina has been dancing ever since she was four but always has been influenced by her older sisters. Dancing strictly jazz until first grade, she loved all the ways she could be creative. Now since venturing out into hip hop, ballet, and modern/ contemporary, dancing has become a part of who she is. She believes movement can be healthy for not only the body but the mind as well. The dance class at the end of the day for Kenzie is a time to relax and forget about everyday stresses and focus on feeling good.

Amen Mengesha is committed to making media around social justice, music, and the arts. In 2008 he established a multimedia creative service company, Marakey, which provides design, photography and video production services for non-profit and commercial clients. Amen is a storyteller who is Inspired to mine his own cultural legacy. In summer of 2012 he journeyed to Ethiopia through a study abroad program: “It was an honor to have shared the experience of visiting my birthplace with fellow UW students. I came into this world at a particular time & place so that I wake up to my higher self through the mythologies of that time and place.”

Marshall Meng is a freshman at UW Bothell currently applying for the Electrical Engineering major. He lives in Bellevue and graduated from Issaquah High School. In his spare time he likes to write software and design and build circuits. From a young age there’s always been a desire in Marshall to draw as well. Marshall, like many others, convinced himself that art was out of his reach until he took a drawing class here at UW Bothell. He began the course with low self-confidence but the class boosted his confidence tremendously and showed him what he was capable of. Now, Marshall hopes to add drawing practice to his list of activities.

Lexi Menth writes, “I have been drawing for fun all my life and have always taken an interest in nature and capturing it as accurately as possible. I like to draw from life and from photographs, but also draw from imagination quite often and create my own organisms along with their backstories. I do occasionally draw people and landscapes as well. My favorite mediums are pencil, ink, oil pastel, and charcoal. The styles I like most are bold contrast with black and white or grayscale, often with stipple, and softer pencil shading. I also enjoy photography and take my camera on all my walks. Science writing is another one of my hobbies. I like to create short articles about organisms or processes of the natural world that are not well known so I can share my knowledge with others. I have written some poetry over the years, too.”

George Michael writes, “I have been a songwriter for 40+ years. Born in Chicago and living now in Seattle. “Annie” is about a woman I knew in L.A. back in the day. Mostly true with some poetic embellishments.”

Ashley Min is currently a junior pursuing the Culture, Literature, and the Arts major at UW Bothell. Ashley enjoys a variety of art styles and mediums.

Jackie Morrow is a second year UW Bothell student studying visual arts with a focus on drawing. Jackie writes, “I have been drawing since I was very young and upon entering college started taking art classes to refine my skills. I hope to one day enter the world of animation, in specific cartoons, because they have always been an important part of my life and how I grew up. I believe that cartoons can change the world for the better. My freshman year of college I bought a digital drawing tablet and learned to create pieces via Photoshop and continue to experiment with this today. I hope to apply to graduate school and study art to learn about animation in depth. In addition to art, I have a love for music and perform with my friend whenever we have the opportunity.”

Molly Mulholland has been dancing for fourteen years and believes it is what she came here to do. Molly has had many performance and dance education experiences throughout her life. Molly has spent her whole life dancing at Washington’s School of Dance studying a variety of different styles of dance including ballet, jazz, modern, contemporary, tap, and musical theater. Molly has also been in many stage performances as a dancer and singer for the Bothell High School Drama Department. She is also very involved with choirs at Bothell High School singing in the Bel Canto Women’s Choir, Concert Choir, and Madrical mixed choir. Molly believes in the power of dance and movement, and wants to one day be able to share her passions and talents with the world.

Clarrie Ng is an international student from Singapore. She has always loved reading books and is very keen in literature from different countries. She majored in British Contemporary Literature for 2 years in high school and has since fallen in love with poetry. She am also a language enthusiast and hopes to be able to read literature in all languages!

Khanh Nguyen was born and raised in Vietnam. Khanh writes, “I moved to Everett, WA when I was eleven years old. Adapting to American culture was difficult for me, learning English was twice as hard. Coming from a low-income family, I did not have much to do in my free time other than watching TV. So, I picked up a pencil and started to draw random things that inspired me. It also helped that many of my relatives back in Vietnam pursued studies in the visual arts. However, everything I learned was self-taught and self-motivated. I was unaware of my talents as an artist, often viewing my work as mediocre despite compliments I would receive from friends and family. Upon taking the Art class at UW and requests from my professor, I decided to continue my endeavors in art.”

Luis Olazabal is a student at UWB. He write, “I am a multimedia artist, and have been making music for a year now. I have no musical experience prior to the summer of 2012 where I learned independently. My SoundCloud is SuenLarren, link here:”

Matt Owens is attending UW Bothell with a focus on Media and Communication studies. He has a passion for sexy cuisine and stiff drinks. Matt is hoping to translate that into a successful food photography business upon graduation.

Dan Paquette lives with his family in the North Creek Watershed approximately 1.5 miles north-northwest of UW Bothell campus.  He has assisted the students and faculty at Cascadia Community College and UW Bothell with a forest restoration project. Dan has been writing poetry for eight years and holds advanced degrees in Media, Sociology, and Librarianship.

Michael Paschall holds a Bachelor of Arts in Film and Video Production from Brooks Institute of Photography in Ventura, CA and is currently studying at the UW Bothell in the MFA program for Creative Writing and Poetics.

Dominique Pavageau writes, “I don’t consider myself much of an artistic type but I have had times in my life where words didn’t suffice and I found other mediums to express some of the things I’ve experienced in life. I’ve grown and learned how to embrace circumstances and push forward. And that’s what I do. I love Dominick.”

Ajay Pellegrini writes, “As an artist, I am deeply fascinated by the idea that the world is flooded with images of flawless faces and manufactured stereotypes. The goal of my work is to provoke a conversation about how easily images can be distorted with in-camera techniques and how those distortions begin to weave themselves into the fabric of our cultural and political identities.”

Carly Peterson is currently a junior majoring in CLA and AMS and getting endorsed in history, social studies, and English to be a high school teacher. She is interning at Bothell High School in a senior year classroom as well as a young life leader in Monroe. Once Carly graduates with a Master’s Degree she hopes to travel the globe, teaching herself how to live life fuller.

Jia Qi is an eleven year U.S. Navy Veteran, and a full time Business student at UW Bothell. Jia writes, “Photography has been my passion from since I was eight years old. Life is too complex for me to remember everything. And, life is too beautiful to keep to oneself. So, I use photography as a tool to capture life and memories. I believe photography should capture and show the true beauties of its subjects at their purest form.”

Vildana Ramic is majoring in Society, Ethics, and Human Behavior with a minor in Education. She has always found art to be a fascinating, beautiful, and a powerful tool of expression.

Kat Seidemann frolics from genre to genre and gambols amongst media. Though her humor is often dark, Kat attempts to shed light on the ironies and absurdities of life through her creative work. She is friend to pollinators, cephalopods, semantics, meaningful contradictions, hyperbole, and hydrogen peroxide. Kat is a current UW Bothell MFA student studying creative writing and poetics.

Katherine Shaw is in her second year as a graduate student in the MACS department at UW Bothell. Katherine writes, “I enjoy long romantic walks in the confines of my apartment (AKA pacing), dining on rice and beans, and napping.”

Drew Stone is a senior at UW Bothell, double majoring in Media Communication, and Society, Ethics and Human Behavior, with a minor in Information Technology. Fulfilled by the completion of a challenge, and the satisfaction of a job well done, Drew is constantly driven by opportunities for collaboration and the creation of something new.

Cora Thomas was surrounded by the beauty of nature growing up in the North Cascades and her photography and writing is inspired by the natural world. She appreciates any medium that tells a story especially film, music, and dance/performance. She also has a passion for improving teaching and learning environments on college campuses and hopes to continue this work in the future. Cora will be graduating from the Master of Arts in Cultural Studies program at UW Bothell in June 2013.

Rachel Tomczek is currently enrolled as a second year Master of Arts in Cultural Studies graduate student.

Nicole Tone is a current senior in Southern New Hampshire University’s Bachelor of Arts in English and Creative Writing program.

Esther Utley is a self-taught artist who isn’t afraid to use different mediums. When asked about her love of making art she said, “It really started with a piece I made for a class in high school using Bingo daubers, it was a close up of an Asian woman with voluptuous lips and a clear film over the painting with a stanza in Sharpie about beauty. The matte was made up of clippings from a book of poetry I was publishing that year. I was ashamed of it and secretly threw it in the garbage but my mom rescued it, entered it in the county fair, and I won Best of Show for it.  From then on I wasn’t as afraid of what people might think of my art, I should create my vision with whatever makes it happen!” All of Esther’s work can be viewed on Facebook via Esthers Bright Side or Pinterest. Please email any inquiries to

Sarah Wilson is currently a junior at UW Bothell and plans on majoring in Media and Communication Studies. Currently she is looking to pursue a career in advertising or marketing. Sarah was born in England. Living in two countries has inspired her to do more traveling. She loves exploring the outdoors and feels inspired by the world around her. Water color has been her media choice for about six years and really enjoys it. Sarah first began using oil paint, although the transparencies that can be achieved with watercolor are the main reason she continues to paint with them. Sarah will always paint and continue to paint throughout her life.

Stephanie Yang is currently pursuing a Bachelor of Arts degree in Media and Communication. Currently residing in Seattle, Washington, she loves exploring the local art scene and discovering hidden gems in the city.

Sarah Zale teaches writing and poetry in Seattle. The Art of Folding: Poems (2010) was inspired by her travels to Israel and Palestine. Sarah’s recent collection, Sometimes You Do Things: Poems (Aquarius Press, Living Detroit Series, 2013) highlights the history of Detroit and celebrates its rebuilding. She lives in Port Townsend.


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