Poetry Contents

Breanne Anderson, Looking at a roadmap

Alexandra Bell, Angels in the Dust

John B. Boucher, Untitled

Mycole Brown, An Ode to Procrastination

Mycole Brown, Spring

Mycole Brown, We live

Gabrielle Janae Christ, The Waiting Game

Logan Compau, Illuminated Skeletons

Logan Compau, Trying to Save You

Logan Compau and Christopher Nuryadi, Unweave

Scott Cooper, Sonnet for an Old Lady

Casey Corcoran, Apprehension

Casey Corcoran, A Walk in the Rain

Jasleena Grewal, Vortex

Suman Jampala, A Broken Heart

Suman Jampala, Shifting Sands

George Michael, Annie

Clarrie Ng, Preconscious

Clarrie Ng, 8 to 1

Dan Paquette, Side by Side & What Counts

Katherine K. Shaw, Rejection Notice

Drew Stone, Crows Float

Drew Stone, What is

Cora Lee Thomas, I Swallow the Moon

Sarah Zale, Lessons of Doors

Sarah Zale, The Sensuous Tales of a Cedar

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