A Broken Heart, Suman Jampala

The heart clutching, throat clinching

pain of having loved something

that never existed

is tremendous to behold.


The heart stopping, breath catching

pain of having lived a beautiful

paradise in which you were a fool

is great in its onset.


The heart wrenching, eye watering

bitter taste of the ugly truth

rips your heart from within.


The gentle veil that has shaded

your eyes, from the harsh bright sun

is torn to parts, shredded,

leaving your eyes smarting

from the force of the truth.


The sharp pain, like a sinking ship,

cracks through the heart; like a whip

of drowning sorrows seeking

to pull you down with it.


It feels like a bubble of sadness

emerging from within the heart;

powerful in its latency,

disturbing in its potency.



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