Apprehension, Casey Corcoran

We walked to a store that I would usually drive my car to


It was cold that night so I knew

that you would ask to borrow a sweatshirt and

I wanted you to wear my sweatshirt but

while you were putting it on I felt scared

because I couldn’t see your face through all the black cloth and

I thought you might suffocate and die in my room.


I told you that I liked your hair because I was still frightened

that you might put your hood on

and I thought that when we got to the store

I would ask for paper bags instead of plastic.


While we were walking on the sidewalk sometimes

our hands would touch on accident

so I put mine in my pockets and felt ashamed

because I wanted you to be comfortable.


We started talking about smoking weed in high school

and how you voted for someone and not someone else

and I realized that I hate politicians more than

I hate myself when I am walking on a sidewalk with you.


When we got to the store you said it was hot and

I wanted to say that I was sorry for making that happen and

I wanted to apologize for every other bad thing I’ve done,

but the fluorescent light made it hard to talk

so I kept looking at you

and eventually I forgot that you were cold.


On the walk home cars passed us and I said that

sometimes cars look like they’re smiling.


But when it’s cold and we’re outside

I can see your breath.



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