Illuminated Skeletons, Logan Compau

I want to remind you that the sun’s coming up
I wrote this until the streetlights hushed each other dawn
if only my skeleton illuminated days
rather than keep me lying awake those two more hours
but in those spaces, cages, failures, places
I come back and dim
I finally fall asleep
I’ve been thinking for a while now
building the impossible, wishing tomorrow wasn’t
the light through the edge of my dirty, off white blinds
leaves a red fading blink,
a tired one that tries to keep the clouds at bay
and I couldn’t help making sure I saw it
leaving than coming
even when the clouds overtook it
it was never to be a metronome that starts the waking
it’s older than I am and it warns me
that it’s going to happen again
so I ignore it most days now
because I let them come
my bravery, my wonder, my morning dark
for I know how they will come for me
slow, soft but unsure of how I’ll will use their gifts
I wonder now if that scares people
waking to a dark morning
because for some the night never ends
and the day comes too slow
so they wish you would stay with them
so you can tell them just two more hours
of their wonder, your bravery, their fear
I want to remind you the suns still coming up
so I’ll lie with you hand in heart
and help you rest faster, so tomorrow seems closer


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