Trying to Save You, Logan Compau

I never wanted to be an astronaut
New lands can’t compare to your dreams
but I spend the night digging soft dirt out of my pillow
For what’s the point of a story you can’t trust?
Why stand on a ledge if you won’t let the wind hush your heart
then harden the glass that you stand on?
I’m the guy who invites you in before you fall
Spreading out the dirt you dug out in front of you as you walk back home
You didn’t float among the stars after your life lost its ceiling
They never even led you back home
Maybe that’s why space is like glass to you
Each light is a speck of dirt in your wounds
and the rest of the blanket is what you thought you could keep warm with
You can’t float in a sky if the ground leads to another darkness
So why did you sit beside me if you knew I wasn’t going to move?
It’s my ledge too, and I’ve been waiting longer than you have
Waiting for you to remind me why my nights have gotten clearer
after all that I buried was sent back to where I found it
and waiting for you to tell me how you got there
I wish I never knew where an injured life can lead to
but if I wished that then I wouldn’t have been able to try and save you


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