Untitled, John B. Boucher



I am not sleeping or awake

these things you read are for you



typed onto glass

a treat like on tongue



words ges

ticulations fair

y tales


please for me

please me please

please respond

a response i am not speaking into



nor tombstone perhaps


and tears grey clouds

smoke them i should have listened

the advice smoke them you

got them


these fingers

these fingernails

these martyrs my teeth

soften in their cells


i see you there

seething against the cruelty

of age


tonight do you dream of egg

shells or tortoise i praise

the legs of

well it doesn’t matter

ok horses




eyes deep set un

blinking in pyramids

drum beat and cymbals

crashing crashing gong

the ceremony begins

the poem begins

with big breath

expands therefrom

eternal monologue

transcribed brainwaves

a cosmic radiation verse

or multiverse me

damn fool unsleeping

dreaming four a.m.

collapsed lungs

gave their all never forget


simple strum you

think guitar picture

the ocean come


here come the waves

we lift our heads from

rings of water come

surging come breath breathe

for me come breathe air of this poem

seize sound it sings

it saves





and laugh

praise cheeses

she says

and laughs



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